HandTool Webinars

I’m interested to know if those who visit my site are interested in a series of webinars, regularly scheduled which will walk through many handtool operations.  The topics I plan to cover include;

  • Dovetail joinery
  • Mortise and tenon joinery
  • Preparing stock with hand planes
  • Setting up and using Japanese tools

I may also begin projects that you can build along with via webinar.

The first webinar(s) will be free, subsequent webinars I will be charging a reasonable rate.  There is some setup involved, which means I will need to acquire equipment that will allow me to provide professional results so I would like to take a gauge of interest.

Please contact me stating your interest in webinars and topics that you are interested in having me cover.

I am also interested in hosting guest lectures, if you are a teacher covering a subject related to woodworking with handtools are interested in lecturing please contact me.