Japanese Chisel Setup – Kuchigane

In addition to setting the hoops Stanley guided me through a process of tuning the chisel tang, tuning the kuchigane (ferrule) and fitting the handle to the kuchigane. When the handles are created they are turned on a lathe to fit the ferrule, in doing so they typically leave an abrupt landing. In a heavy use chisel that abrupt stop can be driven to the point where the ferrule is no longer doing its intended job putting all of the driving forces on that landing rather then evenly throughout the ferrule. To prevent this that landing is removed.

First, the chisel tang. The shoulders are squared, sides are trued and any burrs are removed. The ferrule is then filed flat on the bottom and any internal burrs are removed.


Next, a wrap of tape is placed at about 6mm above the ferrule’s landing on the handle. This is used as a gauge for the work that will follow. Lines are drawn from the corners of the mortise on the handle on down to the ferrule’s landing, then those are divided. The material is then removed in facets at those lines, then the dividing lines, finally the area between those facets to create a nice even pattern while removing the landing. What is left is a nice conical shape that will allow the handle’s ferrule to function properly.


Here is the assembled result.


And a slightly more dainty version for my lighter use chisels;