Private Lessons

I provide one-on-one instruction, tailoring the lesson plan to specifically suit the needs of each student.   The range of topics can include anything from basic handtool instruction and sharpening to joinery and complete furniture projects.

Tool and Technique Courses

Choose from:

  • Western Tool Setup and Use – $325
    • Setup and use of Stanley type (Lie Nielsen, Veritas, etc) planes.
    • Setup and use of traditional wooden planes, such as the try plane, coffin smoother and traditional jack plane
    • Blade setup and sharpening demonstrated.  Types of sharpening explained and demonstrated
    • Use of a dry grinder with CBN wheel demonstrated.
    • Hand Method of sharpening demonstrated.
  • Japanese Tool Setup and Use – $520
    • Explanation of how and why of Japanese tools
    • Setup new kanna, including correctly bedding the blade and setting sub blade
    • Ura-Dashi explained and demonstrated
    • Sharpening by hand demonstrated
    • Chisel handle setup
    • Chisel back (ura) flattening
    • Natural stones (Tennen Toishi) explained and demonstrated.
  • Mortise and Tenon Joinery – $320
  • Dovetail Joinery – $320
  • Hand Planing (material stock preparation) – $320

Furniture Building Courses

The furniture building courses take a project from prepped material (student supplied) through to a complete projected.  Students will learn to approach the subject from a hand-tool user perspective understanding how to use marking gauges, how to layout hand-prepped material and how to cut and fit joinery by hand.

  • Build a short stool with both Dovetail and Mortise and Tenon joinery – $1200 (recommended 2 days)