Tool Setup and Technique Courses

Choose from:

  • Western Tool Setup and Use – $325
    • Setup and use of Stanley type (Lie Nielsen, Veritas, etc) planes.
    • Setup and use of traditional wooden planes, such as the try plane, coffin smoother and traditional jack plane
    • Blade setup and sharpening demonstrated.  Types of sharpening explained and demonstrated
    • Use of a dry grinder with CBN wheel demonstrated.
    • Hand Method of sharpening demonstrated.
  • Japanese Tool Setup and Use – $520
    • Explanation of how and why of Japanese tools
    • Setup new kanna, including correctly bedding the blade and setting sub blade
    • Ura-Dashi explained and demonstrated
    • Sharpening by hand demonstrated
    • Chisel handle setup
    • Chisel back (ura) flattening
    • Natural stones (Tennen Toishi) explained and demonstrated.


  • Mortise and Tenon Joinery by Hand – $320
  • Dovetail Joinery by Hand – $320
  • Hand Planing (material stock preparation) – $320

Furniture Building Courses

The furniture building courses take a project from prepped material (student supplied) through to a complete projected.  Students will learn to approach the subject from a hand-tool user perspective understanding how to use marking gauges, how to layout hand-prepped material and how to cut and fit joinery by hand.

  • Build a short stool with both Dovetail and Mortise and Tenon joinery – $1200 (recommended 2 days)






Past Student Projects:

Wall Mounted Cabinets in Oak and Beech by Prashun Patel