The Workshop

Hello and welcome to my workshop!   The center of my shop is my workbench, an oversized Scandinavian style bench made in hard maple, cherry and Honduras rosewood with a Lie Nielsen tail vise and a shoulder vise.


Behind the workbench is a growing collection of tools, mostly Japanese, with some western tools sprinkled in.

The garden bench that never quite made it to the garden, now a home for planes.  David Weaver built me the try plane and jack plane on this bench, they’re a mainstay of my workshop.


The rack of clamps and something odd; an anvil in the woodworking shop.


Next stop is the saw bench which doubles as a writing bench.

Above and behind it stands the glue cabinet.

Final stop is the sharpening bench featuring many Japanese natural stones (left) and synthetic stones (right) along with a small granite surface plate, diamond plates, a straight edge, angle finder, plane screwdrivers and a cordovan strop.