Material Selection

Material selection with Brian Holcombe Woodworker is a collaborative process and one which clients are encouraged to choose from a variety of woods and wood finishes which will fit their piece’s intended purpose and desired appearance.  Brian Holcombe Woodworker is very careful in sourcing and selecting material, only the highest quality material will be sourced and used.

Interior Cabinetry and Furniture

Choose from Walnut, red oak, white oak, white ash, cherry or beech.  Brian Holcombe Woodworker can also source Honduran mahogany, however my access to Honduran mahogany is entirely dependent on one supplier who carries this rare material.  Projects listed in Honduran mahogany are priced as shown, otherwise please contact me for pricing of projects in Honduran mahogany.  For materials other than those listed, please contact me.

To request a sample of material please request one using this form.  A sample of material finished in the appropriate fashion for the project at hand will be furnished by mail.

Exterior Furniture

Chose from yellow cedar, western red cedar, Honduran mahogany (while supplies are available), white oak and padauk.  If you have another material in mind, please use the contact form above to submit your request.


Brian Holcombe Woodworker sources full grain leather from Spinneybeck and Edelman leather companies.  Given the breadth of available choices, please provide a general description of the appearance and characteristics of the leather you desire, Brian Holcombe will provide a recommendation and source a leather sample.


Hardware can be obtained in brass and left bright or patinated to appear very dark.  The available of stainless hardware is often dependent on application and availability.


Shoji utilize high quality softwoods.   Brian Holcombe Woodworker is able to access top grade softwoods such as yellow cedar (a cypress), western red cedar and Douglas fir.  Yellow cedar, native to British Columbia and Alaska, is part of the cypress family, it is a slow growing tree that can produce a dense and very finely grained cypress and works as a wonderful replacement for Hinoki cypress used in traditional shoji.  Western red cedar provides the appearance of traditionally used sugi (Japanese red cedar), when grown slowly it is considered an exceptional material.