Japanese Tool Setup

Understand the basics of Japanese tool setup and use, while concise these articles are considered a primer for classes on Japanese tools with Brian Holcombe Woodworker and helps students to begin to understand the detailed process of tuning Japanese tools.



Japanese Natural Stones: A User’s Perspective

Brian’s Guide to Japanese Whetstones


Chisels – Nomi

Online Classes – Japanese Tool Setup

Brian’s Guide to Japanese Chisels


Planes – Kanna

Kanna – Dai Prep

Kanna – Blade Prep

Kanna – Ura-Dashi : Ito Ura

Kanna – Dai making 

Hikouki Kanna – Spring and Track


Saws – Nokogiri

Brian’s Guide to Japanese Saws


Japanese Toolbox

The Carpentry Way’s Japanese Toolbox – Build



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