1. Thanks Mark!

      Absolutely, one is by Kinshirou, I bought it at Japan-Tool but likely you will find them nearly impossible to source, the maker has been retired for some time.
      The larger one is comparable in quality and made by Matsui Seimitsu of Matsui Measure. Matsui Measure makes a few versions, So-san (Japan-Tool) could likely acquire them for you, otherwise I believe Tomohito Iida (JapanTool-Iida) can (That is where I bought mine). If you are comfortable with google-translate or reading Kanji then Mandaraya shop has them http://www2.odn.ne.jp/mandaraya/kehiki-matsuimagunetto.html I often email the proprietor, Teshiba, with a link to what I would like to purchase and comments in plain english.

      Since this is my blog I’ll mention that I have no affiliation with these vendors other than having purchased from them and having had multiple good experiences. I also count So Yamashita amongst my friends.


      1. Brian,
        I have seen work by Alan Peters with mortised drawer backs and extended sides, rather more than yours.
        This is one early solution to full access in a wooden drawer.
        Nice work,
        Best wishes,


      2. Thanks David! Much appreciated.

        Makes good sense that it has been used before, and glad to hear that Alan Peters was using it (good to be in good company!). Sometimes I think that I’m being novel when actually it’s something that has been stored in the mental filing cabinet for some time.



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