1. Mokuchi planning competition? Sounds terrific, what thickness of shaving are you aiming for? Can that win? When is it? Will you do an episode on the competition? Many thanks and best of luck!


    1. Ah, my only goal is to be a formidable opponent. I will proceed with an open and attentive mind but one free of conscious thought of victory or defeat.

      Thank you for your well wishes! I may do an episode on the competition, I think many may find it interesting.


  2. Thank you for the detailed explanations. I became interested in Japanese tools about 2 years ago. I have several books, but I learned a few new things from your article (plus, your pictures are better than anything I’ve seen in my books).

    You mentioned that you can get some snipe on your board if the mouth is left open too much. I have had this problem too, but I solved it by not carving the relief on the sides of the mouth. Now that I’m thinking about it, though, I think you can still carve the relief, but start the relieved area past the area where the blade is? I do all my operations by hand, so this really helps for my scrub plane and jointer plane.


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