1. Excellent work on the case and dovetails. The groove for cutting the top off is a great idea and should make that step much less nerve wracking.

    Also, I like your shoulder plane setup for making the edge miters, and it’s inspired me to go double check my bench-in-progress and make sure the front edge is dead 90 to the top, ha.

    Looking forward to see how you wrap this up. -Robert

    1. Thank you Stefan!

      Working to minimize my use of a router but that groove was made with a 1/8″ carbide spiral downcut bit. You could also use a plow plane, Japanese grooving plane or kerfing plane, though the kerfing plane would make the highest level of difficulty it would also make the smallest groove.

  2. Brian, just to clarify – I understand that you left the veneered top 1/4” proud so that you could then “frame” the top with a perfect fit using four mitered over-sized strips that seamlessly match the sides when planed. This was done so that there are no gaps with this kind of build. Is this correct? Thanks for the help, these build threads are invaluable.

    Dan McKenzie

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