1. Excellent work on the case and dovetails. The groove for cutting the top off is a great idea and should make that step much less nerve wracking.

    Also, I like your shoulder plane setup for making the edge miters, and it’s inspired me to go double check my bench-in-progress and make sure the front edge is dead 90 to the top, ha.

    Looking forward to see how you wrap this up. -Robert


    1. Thanks Robert! I finished cutting the top off and the groove worked perfectly, but I will detail all if that in the next post.

      Glad you are enjoying, and the bench is coming along nicely!


    1. Thank you Stefan!

      Working to minimize my use of a router but that groove was made with a 1/8″ carbide spiral downcut bit. You could also use a plow plane, Japanese grooving plane or kerfing plane, though the kerfing plane would make the highest level of difficulty it would also make the smallest groove.


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