Shoji Making Class

Learn to make traditional Japanese Shoji screens by hand utilizing hand tools.  This class focuses on function and process of making shoji utilizing Japanese hand tools.  The class will work from prepped stock through to a finished panel.

Materials are provided, they include frame materials of yellow cedar along with traditional mulberry bark washi paper.   The materials provided are the highest quality available.

It is recommended that students have a basic understanding of hand tools prior to requesting this class, some experience mortising, hand planing and sawing by hand are highly recommended.

This class will cover:

  • Building shoji frame utilizing traditional joints
  • Kumiko making
  • Joining kumiko into the traditional frame
  • Applying paper
  • Finishing details

Shoji Making Class

Learn to make a traditional ‘closet’ sized Japanese shoji screen, by hand. This class focuses on building a detailed understanding of how to make shoji frames and kumiko. Please allow two full days (16 hours) of class time. The class can be run consecutively or broken up over a series of days/weeks. Please contact me before purchasing to schedule.