Students: Recommended Tools

Please choose as your workshop pertains

Please note:  I recommend professional level tools only



Chosera 800 Stone – Coarse

Chosera 3000 Stone – Medium

Naniwa 8000 Stone – Fine

Atoma 400 Diamond Plate – For Flattening Water Stones

For Natural Sharpening Stones please contact So Yamashita of  Please also be aware that full sized Natural finishing stones start at $200~.  These are not necessary for beginners.


Order chisel sizes as they relate to your project, if sizes are not specified then I recommend 6mm, 12mm, 15mm and 24mm or similar

Please order Oiire nomi unless your class is based around timber joinery (large scale joinery).  Timber joinery please choose Chu-Tataki.

Oiire Nomi

Sukemaru Chisels

Kikuhiromaru Chisels

If you prefer Stan Covington’s maker, please contact me for a referral to Stan.



Dozuki – For Dovetail

Gyokucho #372 

Dozuki – General Cross cut


Ryoba – Rip/Cross cut

Gyokucho #651

Mitsukawa 270mm

Mitsukawa 195mm


Mitsukawa Small Saw Set – For Small Work

Nagakatsu – General Purpose

Handmade saws – Advanced Student ONLY

Nakaya Takijiro

Nakaya Heiji



Western Hand Planes

Stanley Style planes:

Lie Neilsen No 4

Highest Recommendation for Western planes:

Steve Voigt Planes


Recommendations will vary depending on time frame.

Contact Suzuki Tool for Recommended Blacksmiths

Layout Tools

Kebiki – Marking Gauges

Matsui Kebiki – Suzuki Tool

Matsui Kebiki – Japan Tool

Sashigane – Square

Sashigane – Carpenter’s Square

Sumitsubo – Snapline