Butler’s Desk


A contemporary take on the fold down writing desk.  The butler’s desk features a fold down front which converts into a desk top, supported by the pull out drawer underneath.  The pull out drawer features a sliding pad (which can used as a mouse pad) hiding storage for writing implements.  Three drawers on the side of the desk carry your files.  At the back of the desk space the cabinet has a shelf for storage of electronics and a wire tunnel covered by two sliding doors.

The Butler’s Desk is available in walnut, it is made to order and requires a 12 week lead time.

Available on backorder


A contemporary take on the butler’s desk.  A butler’s desk is a cabinet that converts into a desk, concealing its function.  A desk, standing on its own looks out of place without an accompanying chair and lamp, but a cabinet that functions as a desk looks fine all by itself.


This is entirely handmade, down to the desk hardware which I custom make in my shop. 


This desk requires very careful selected lumber to allow the facade to be created from one single section of a slab making a seamless transition from door to drawers.   Similarly the exterior case is also constructed of sequenced matched lumber.


The desk is constructed of solid wood, including drawer bottoms which are made of white oak and the back panel which will be made out of the main choice of lumber.


The desk features three side drawers, one large pull out drawer which functions as a support for the fold down desk and a sliding tray which can be used as a mouse pad and is covered in leather.


The interior compartment of the desk features a shelf to hold and store small electronics with a pass through for wiring which is hidden behind two wooden sliding doors.


This desk is made of American black walnut.



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